Betula utilis var. jacquemontii – Himalayaberk

Average-sized tree with a nice, regular crown, a clear difference with the irregularly growing B. utilis. Originally growing in the Himalayas and parts of North West India. This low branching tree also appears as a multiple-stemmed birch with a strikingly white, flaking bark. Under the plates the bark is darker. In winter this tree is really eye-catching. Young twigs are hairy and have a warm, red brown colour. They have many lenticels. The leaf is shiny and coarsely toothed. The autumn colouring is golden yellow. This bark has a rich inflorescence of 12 cm long catkins. The tree is shallow rooting with, especially in the top soil, many fibrous rootlets.
8-10cm 10-12cm 12-14cm 14-16cm 16-18cm 18-20cm
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• Prijs is gebaseerd op bomen met kluit.
• De maten zijn de omtrek van de stam, gemeten 1m boven de grond.

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